One tiny seed of thought germinates…and grows a crop of ideas

The garden and pumpkin patch will be ready to plant on May 13th… then the children who use Westmoreland Park will take over. Working closely with park supervisors Diane Hunt and Jason Howard, they will learn to care for the garden. What started out as a basic concept, building the garden, has evolved into a project that will continue through the summer and into the fall. The city is providing a rain barrel to water the garden, and the children will learn about reclaiming our rain water. The growing of fresh vegetables will be integrated into a preexisting program about nutrition, the children will learn about local commerce by having the opportunity to sell excess crops at the farmer’s market on Lexington, and they will experience the joy and satisfaction of carving pumpkins that they grew themselves. Several other ideas are in the works. If you have one of your own and would like to contribute time or materials, please send me an email.

RED DAY 2010


Renew | Energize | Donate

On May 13th 2010, Keller Williams Syracuse agents, friends, family and associates will build and plant a community garden and pumpkin patch at Westmoreland Park. This initiative is one of the projects that our local KW office is undertaking for RED DAY 2010. The City of Syracuse Department of Parks and Recreation has generously offered assistance by providing a space for the garden, as well as materials. This project will RENEW the community by transforming an unused urban meadow into a vibrant green space and ENERGIZE the community by uniting members in a common goal. Keller Williams Syracuse, the Parks and Recreation Department, and our many friends will DONATE our time, effort, materials and hearts to make this project a success.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heart-Felt Thanks

For donating Red Day t-shirts for all of the kids:
Carol A. Zenzel, Esq.
Tom Sherman, Absolute Home Inspection
Steve Coglitore, SJC Remodeling
Karie Ballway, Cooley Group

Breakfast and lunch for the volunteers:
Homestead Mortgage

Cindy Payne, Liberty Mutual

...more to come...

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  1. Had a wonderful time today!! The garden is beautiful -- can't wait to see updated pics to show how it is growing in the days to come.